Adidas Gazelle – Good Friend

adidas gazelle

Some people you meet in life tends to stick with you, for a bit, a while, the good times… The bad times.. ..and some are there for a substantial time, or even the whole life. Personally, I have a similar relation to sneakers. Some sneakers have a hype peak for a split second and never return, others I tend to stack up in boxes, so Id be covered if they run out of production, or wont be produced for a decade or so again..

In the context of comparing sneakers to people in ones life, I would say that the Adidas Gazelle is that one good friend. No matter what happens or how long it was since hanging out, the good relation pics up just where it was left of. We have been through a lot.. ..And the reasons for still hanging out? Plenty. Just as in why certain people stay in your life.

“Adidas Gazelle is that one good friend”

All strong relationships are based on honesty someone once said. I could not agree more, and to be honest, the Adidas Gazelle has all I ever really required in a sneaker for the every day. The timeless and straight forward attitude of the Adidas Gazelle is important for me, it is always going to be what it is, – a classic. It has stayed the same (more or less), for a very long time now. And I know it will be there for me tomorrow as well. And as for its style, Im a person appreciating quality, the materials and a considered design is high on my list, the Adidas Gazelle is a master piece in this aspect, and this is one very strong reason why its still relevant today.

And as for me being honest to my Adidas Gazelle… Well, I always come back to it. I m a strong believer in its importance of sneaker history and culture. Besides all that, who could do without that one good friend? Thats why I keep wearing them through out life.