Adidas NMD – Discrete Fashion ?


As sneaker culture is covering ever more ground within fashion and fashion is showing more and more interest in the sneaker culture, we are embarking on an age of hybrids. Thinking about how our contemporary lifes are and what we need out of our shoes today, maybe its not a surprise after all. When living in the city, experiensing strongly contrasted environments on a regular, and always on the run from one thing to the next, – we need shoes that can bridge all this activity.

The smart solution has become to reach for discretion, the modern, the hybrid. As sneakers have become more accepted in more lines of work and social situations, the idea and attributes of the most on point brands and their technology follows. Allthough, it is still not safe to say you would be alright in all situations with colourful parrot-looking sneakers on your feet.

However, comfort in terms of cusioning and a ventilated feel for your feet during long days on feet, is necessary. The solution – a compromise. A hybrid. Classical sneaker attributes with a white midsole (boost cusioning) and a discrete upper that could blend into almost any outfit and appear representable. No wonder the Adidas NMD has become such a success, they are now to be seen on the streets all over as they have become a mainstream sweetheart. And the interest for them seem to show no indication on slowing down.

“The solution – a compromise”

When the big fashion houses are failing hard on making interesting sneakers that could contribute to sneaker culture, the sneaker culture is more successful in affecting fashion. No matter of becoming more of hybrids (fashion/sneakers), the sneakers are real, its quality, comfort, real sneakers that look good. While the fashionbrands come out with fake sneakers, shoes that are supposed to look like sneakers, yet failing miserably in comfort, quality and design. However, fashion as in outfits are easier to match with the Adidas NMD’s than traditional sports wear, sweatsuits etc. And perhaps, they were never meant to either…



Adidas Superstar Womens – A Classic for Ladies

Adidas superstar women

The Adidas superstar  has long had a very masculine aura around them, beeing seen on almost only men when making its massive impact on HipHop culture with RUN DMC wearing them constantly and influencing hiphop related street-fashion world wide. It had become a badass shoe, with a strong and outgoing attitude that could not be missunderstood. However, the classic silhouette of the Adidas Superstar and its attitude it could not be exclusive to men forever.

As the queen of Hiphop – Missy Elliot started to collaborate with Adidas the matcho male aura of the Adidas Superstars was about to change. More than a decade later, the Adidas Superstar women and men have really made a move towards equality .

“The Adidas Superstar and its attitude it could not be exclusive to men forever”

As time and street-fashion change, there are new waves of retro vibes coming back, and more interesting, it seems to be crossing over the borders of gender oriented models as well. This has shown to be very productive in terms of evolving the street fashion and abeling strong attitudes and statements crossing over the gender borders. Sterio types get confused, mixed, used and re interpreted in a way that has not been as supported before in tis manner in sneaker culture.

Collaborations and sponsorships as the one Adidas has had with Missy Elliot i.e. are of big importance in this context and we hope to see more of these collabos in this gender crossing direction.